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Fall Shakespeare Gymnasium 

Saturdays (and 2 Sundays)  11:00-2:00
September 21 - November 9, 2019

This class is like going to the gym to build muscle, core strength and flexibility. Techniques explored are fundamental for speaking Shakespeare’s verse & prose with confidence. Those who have performed Shakespeare will take their work to a deeper, richer level. "Verbal calisthenics" grounded in scansion & rhetoric will enable the actor to become more sensitive to the musicality in the text and use it to unleash the characters' specific thought processes in a visceral and dynamic way. Physical and vocal exercises will fine-tune the performer's instrument, to let the language work through them, and cast its magic upon the audience. 

Enrollment is limited. 

Classes are held at: 

The Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Avenue,  Santa Monica 
Brad's Studio, 1646 20th Street, Santa Monica

* Saturdays:  Sept. 21, 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov. 2, 9

   Sundays: Oct 6, 27                                                                         

The gymnasium is a place to work out our "language" muscles. We practice leaning

into the meter; stretching our voices and imagination  to lift up heightened,


Elizabethan text

that bring Shakespeare's complex and humane characters to life.  

I like to incorporate  physical exercises in the gym as well, that allow multiple pathways into the thought processes of the characters.  The gym will equip you with practical, useful ways to approach Shakespeare, other classics and even modern text.

                    - Susan Angelo

"Susan gave us invaluable tools for unlocking the beauty and the mystery in Shakespeare's texts, and for helping us see into the souls of our characters." 

- Annette Davis