Sept. 28 - Nov. 16, 2024


"Nurturing. Stimulating. Uplifting. Rigorous.  
A dynamic, thorough and empowering space to dive into the timelessness of being human."  

                                                      -- Charles Lin, Gym student

Fall Shakespeare Gymnasium

7 Saturdays & 3 Sundays,  11:00 am -2:00 pm
Sept. 28 - Nov. 16, 2024

This class is like going to the gym to build muscle, core strength and flexibility. Techniques explored are fundamental for speaking Shakespeare’s verse & prose with confidence. Those who have performed Shakespeare will take their work to a deeper, richer level. "Verbal calisthenics" grounded in scansion & rhetoric will enable the actor to become more sensitive to the musicality in the text and use the rhythm and devices of language to unleash the characters' specific thought processes in a visceral and dynamic way. Physical and vocal exercises fine-tune the performer's instrument, so that the language can work through them, and cast its magic upon the audience.

7 Saturdays: Sept. 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov. 2,  16

3 Sundays: Oct. 6, 27, Nov. 10

Enrollment is limited, and spaces fill quickly.  Set up an interview.

The Gymnasium will take place in person in Venice at: The Electric Lodge and The Venice United Methodist Church

The gymnasium is a place to work out our "language" muscles. We practice leaning

into the meter; stretching our voices and imagination to lift up heightened, yet

richly nuanced

Elizabethan text

and bring Shakespeare's complex and humane characters to life.

I like to incorporate physical exercises in the gym that explore dynamic shifts and open up multiple pathways into the thought processes and passions of the characters. The gym helps build the "physical and verbal muscle" to approach Shakespeare, other classics, as well as modern text. 

                               - Susan Angelo

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"Class was fantastic. Susan Angelo's knowledge and infectious passion made such a great vibe to soak in all-things-Bard. I thought I’d want to just get to the monologue, but it turns out, I absolutely loved the technical lectures and all the exercises that ultimately informed the performance, which almost became an afterthought, since there was so much stuff to chew on."                                                                                                           - Eddie Shin

"I’ve been able to incorporate Susan Angelo's exercises into modern text and it has helped tremendously...not only made it easier for me to memorize, but also to have fun with the text and find 50 different ways of doing it! I have added these exercises to my tool box and will continue to use them.. They are not exclusive to classical work."  - Raymond Watanga

"Susan is an awe-inspiring balance between Shakespeare brilliance and individualized care for her students. I learned so much in the Shakespeare Gym and I encourage everyone interested in developing their vocal range and control to take this class! You will enjoy every minute."  -Jaclyn Chantel

"Susan has a wonderful talent for making Shakespeare's language understandable to her students. She taught me how to dive into the complicated technicalities of the text with a curious and approachable simplicity. She creates a safe space...and encourages playful exploration and risks. She is a total pro with an infectious passion. Her class gave me the confidence I needed to audition for The Old Globe/USD Graduate Acting Program!"
- Mason Conrad

"I had very little Shakespeare knowledge...coming from film and television. Susan quickly and easily helped me make that transition. Whether a beginner or vet, you are in good hands....Extremely knowledgeable, passionate...Susan will forever be my 'go to' safety net when working on Shakespeare."  - Hunter Sansone, Stargirl, CW

"Susan completely changed how I approach the work and view myself as an artist. We met when I was very insecure about handling classical text but she quickly helped me lay a foundation to support myself for a lifetime. She is keenly aware of her students’ needs and will lovingly and passionately lead you towards your best work."  - Christian Jordan Smith

"Working with Susan has been incredible! I have rediscovered classical material with the fantastic tools the Gym has provided. There is so much play and heart in working with Susan. I wouldn't have booked both roles I just booked without her extraordinary help and belief in me.   - Isabel Stallings

"I [gained] a deep understanding of how to approach these texts with confidence and precision. I left the Gym feeling truly inspired, and ended up getting cast in my first Shakespeare production shortly thereafter. 

Susan Angelo's passion for language is infectious. Through meter and rhetoric, she guides you little by little into a vast, infinitely rewarding world...the more you internalize and master the intricacies of Shakespeare's language, the bigger and more exciting each character becomes." - Scott Bartling

"The Shakespeare Gymnasium helped me build a foundation for my acting. It gave me the confidence to tackle grad school auditions, other Shakespeare monologues, and contemporary pieces. These tools will stay with me for the rest of my acting career. With Susan's help, I was accepted into Brooklyn College's MFA Acting Program. I wouldn't have been able to start this next chapter in my life if it wasn't for the Gymnasium."   - Mimi Lam

"This class is for professional actors, directors, teachers and students of Shakespeare. Susan combines the craft and tools of Shakespeare while at the same time unearthing the humanity of
character. It is rare that a gifted artist is also a insightful teacher, but Susan is one of those jewels."  - Kathleen Dunn, USC

"I’ve taken a lot of classical theater classes but the techniques taught in this class are the ones I use to warmup every time I’m about to step on stage. Susan Angelo is a Shakespearean witch who will not only increase your lung capacity beyond what you thought possible, but will also sharpen your mind and diction to an Elizabethan point capable of weaving through any of the Bard’s rhetoric with understanding and skill."    - Derek Chariton

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actors discussing the Shakespeare Gymnasium  

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The Non-Acting Acting Class

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The most amazing people....

...gravitate to Shakespeare and to the Gymnasium. They are talented, kind, supportive, fun-loving, curious and brave. Many of them take the Gym over and again.  If you are interested or curious, contact me for an interview and together we'll see if The Gym is right for you.  - Susan Angelo

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"Susan gave us invaluable tools for unlocking the beauty and the mystery in Shakespeare's texts, and for helping us see into the souls of our characters." - Annette Davis

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