prepare, then play! 

Private Coaching & Self-Tape Sessions

Private Coaching

Classical audition pieces have to be well rehearsed and technically proficient so that they can stand alone, almost like a one-person show. Emotional inspiration in the heat of the moment is great, but it alone won't save you, if you didn't do the homework. 

To prepare for a theatrical or graduate school audition, we'll work quickly together to help you lay a strong foundation, supported by the text and given circumstances. Then, irregardless of the day, the traffic, the weather or the atmosphere in the room, you can be fully present and confident. 

If you have prepared adequately in the rehearsal room, you can let go and play in the audition room.

Ultimately, gettting the job or being accepted into the school remains out of your hands. But within your control is your ability to always do your best work, anytime and anywhere.  

One hour session: $100 ($110 in 2024)                                               
Half-hour session: $ 65  ($75 in 2024)
Coaching sessions are  in person or via Zoom 

Sara Mountjoy-Pepka

"Susan works so fast, turning verbal muddiness to clarity and helps me lock in choices that work, for fast turn-around auditions...Be prepared to hit the ground running; Susan doesn't waste a second of your time."

Howard Leder

"Her coaching led directly to my being cast this season at Utah Shakespeare Festival. I met with her again to coach my specific roles, and at the first readthrough, the director commented on the level of humanity I found in the role, that surprised him.  Susan gives top level details in the verse but then goes for what's underneath. And that's the stuff that pays off.  I tell everyone, "You need my Susan Angelo secret weapon."

Jennifer Foster

"Susan has all the qualities I look for in a coach- she is always well-prepared, wonderfully present, perceptive, straightforward, efficient with time, creative, working on many levels at once, able to tap into concepts that elevate my work and communicate them with surgical precision.  On top of all this, she is a supremely gracious and generous person- a gem."

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for your private audition coaching session...

*  Come with your monologue(s) well memorized.  It's best to know the words backwards and forward.

*  I don't recommend learning a new monologue for an audition.  Better to brush up a piece you know or have used.  You want the material to be an old friend. 

* If you are learning a new audition monologue, set up a coaching as far in advance of the audition as possible.  

*  Wear to the session the clothes and shoes you intend to wear to your audition.  If you are not sure, bring several options and we'll  decide what works best.

God of Carnage, Pittsburgh Public Playhouse
Arcadia, A Noise Within

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NEW! Self Tape Session

In this world of taping our own auditions, we suddenly have to be director, costumer, lighting and set designer.  All this is important, but let me help you re-focus on what matters most: your work.

It's simple:

1. Tape your audition

2. Email it to me (via WeTransfer or Dropbox)

3. I'll email you a round of notes (within 2 hrs)

4. Re-tape your audition. We'll keep doing this until you get the audition you love. Generally, we can nail it in 2-3 rounds.  

For former students only 


NOTE: Self Tape Sessions are offered only to former students and are designed for material that is up to performance level, so we can adjust it specifically for your self-audition tape. 

If you are just beginning a piece or not completely comfortable with it yet,  it's best to set up a Private Coaching.  

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Alexandra Wright

"Susan Angelo has a true gift; not only is she a phenomenal actress, she is also a tremendous coach. Her level of expertise with text is rare to find in a director. She approaches each session with enthusiasm and passion--you really get the feeling that she is invested in your success!"

James Louis Wagner

"I love working with Susan to prepare my auditions. I  absolutely trust her wisdom and guidance...her energy is always cheerful, constructive, encouraging and generous. I am very grateful to have found a top notch audition coach here in Los Angeles."

Libby Gill

"Susan is so skilled at shaping performance, not only in the theatre...but with executives, consultants, and authors looking to make an impact on their audience, whether that's one person or one thousand. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

-- Best selling author, Traveling Hopefully; The Hope-Driven Leader