private coaching 

for auditions & grad school

Prepare, then Play! 

Classical audition pieces have to be well rehearsed and technically proficient so that they can stand alone, almost like a one-person show. Emotional inspiration in the heat of the moment is great, but it alone won't save you, if you didn't do the homework. 

To prepare for a theatrical or graduate school audition, we'll work quickly together to help you lay a strong foundation, supported by the text and given circumstances.  Then, irregardless of the day, the traffic, the weather or the atmosphere in the room, you can be fully present and confident. If you have prepared adequately in the rehearsal room, you can let go and play in the audition room.

Ultimately, gettting the job or being accepted into the school remains out of your hands. But within your control is your ability to always do your best work, anytime and anywhere.  

One hour session: $100                                                        
Half-hour session: $ 75  
Skype sessions available  at the same rates 

For your coaching session.....

*  Come well memorized.  It's best to know the words backwards and forward.

*  I don't recommend learning a new monologue for an audition.  Better to brush up a piece you know or have used.  You want the material to be an old friend. 

* If you are learning a new piece, set up a coaching as far in advance of the audition as possible.  

*  Wear to the session the clothes and shoes you intend to audition in.  If you are not sure, bring several options and we'll  decide what works best.

God of Carnage, Pittsburgh Playhouse
Arcadia, A Noise Within