Women of Shakespeare

Artillery Magazine,2019

Celebrity Dialogue: Taking the Art of Acting to NewHeights

Interview &article, 2014

Antony & Cleopatra at A Noise Within

Los Angeles Times,March 8, 2012

Author: F. KathleenFoley

Susan Angelo Flourishes on Stage

Palisadian Post,December 10, 2009

Author: Libby Motika

Antony and Two Cleopatras

LA Stage Times, Feb.29, 2012

Author: Steve Julian

Antony & Cleopatra & Chekhov

Learn to Act like Angelo

The Echo, Feb. 25, 2015

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Royal Family Comes Together Onstage

LA Stage Times, June19, 2013

Author: Steve Sabel

Theatricum Opens a Controversy- With Rachel Corrie

LA Stage Alliance,August 29, 2011

Author: Don Shirley

Program Nurtures a Love of Shakespeare

Los Angeles Times,August 29, 1996

Author: T.H. McCulloh

Midsummer’s Kaleidoscope

Tag Archives, June 24,2014

Author: Melissa Crismon

A Magnificently Multicultural Night

Splash Magazine, June,2014

Author: Peter A.Balaskas

Change is the Name of Game

Wisconsin JournalSentinel, June 27, 2005

Author: Damien Jaques

Villagers’ Actress DaughterVisits

The Villages Daily Sun,January 20, 2016

Author: Michael Fortuna

This Week in ShakespeareSusan Angelo

Episode 114, July 13,2016

Online interview

Why This Play Now?

Susan Angelo on AStreetcar Named Desire

June 15, 2017

A Noise Within

Paul Edmondson

Bard in the USA, 2014

Radio Interview

Uprising with Sonali

My Name is RachelCorrie

August 31, 2011

Radio interview