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why study shakespeare?

Because as a poet, dramatist, and humorist, Shakespeare sets the bar high for powerful storytelling.
As a man of the 16th century theatre, he challenges the modern actor to boldly tell stories that continue to reverberate in the 21st century. Deepening our compassion, Shakespeare continues to be the torch bearer for modern drama. 

tell the story

To bring the character(s) to life to support the story, we must be able to read the "music" that the playwright wrote, and then develop the skills to be able to play that music. Shakespeare teaches us these skills. 

awaken your imagination

In a large amphitheater, intimate space, or in front of a camera, Shakespeare taps into complexities and contradictions of human nature that existed hundreds of years before 'psychology' was even invented and continue to unite performer and audience in the modern world.


find the heartbeat

Through verse, prose and the use of rhetorical devises,  Shakespeare guides us directly to the heartbeat of the character and the symphony of the entire play.