Text Alert!: Shakespeare Scene Study 


Sundays 12 - 4 

September 1- 29, 2019

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This Advanced Scene Study class is designed to help the experienced actor become more alert to the text.  It's an invigorating way of working through Shakespeare's entire canon, one play at a time.

In this 8-week session, we focus on one play in depth, examining the meter (poetry vs. prose); rhetoric; & historical background to fully understand the world of the play.

Then, using selected scenes and speeches, we enter rehearsal mode, exploring the characters and given circumstances through movement and staging.  This format keeps us in shape to perform, while fine-tuning our ability to "read" and "play" Shakespeare's music with boldness, clarity, and nuance.

this is an advanced class for those with experience performing shakespeare

held in santa monica

$250 per 5 week session 

Enrollment is limited

The War of the Roses

Henry 6, pt. 2 (May 19- July 7)  CLASS FULL

Click here for Folger version

Henry 6, pt. 3 (May 19- July 7) CLASS FULL

Click here for Folger version

Richard III (Sept. 1- Sept. 29) NOW ENROLLING

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